Avon Triangle 2017

Posted in Racing on Apr 23, 2017 By Cian Hooper

A report on our recent Avon Triangle Race Event from our Sailing Secretary Dave

I would just like to say a massive thank you to all who raced today and the people that came along to cheer the team on. The conditions were very trying with little to no wind, a moderate breeze, dead calm and a mini tornado (that some of us were unlucky to be caught up in) to deal with.

This was the first year that we have invited Baltic Wharf sailing club to join us as the third team due to Chippenham's falling numbers. With some strong sailors next year down in the harbor will be a good one.

With everyone giving it their best and Bristol Avon going into the last race with a narrow 2 point lead, it was all to sail for. Unfortunately the wind near enough died and at the end we were just beaten by 2 points by the home team of Bradford on Avon sailing club.


It has turned out that a recalculation of race 2 was needed due to a result error and.......

Bristol Avon Sailing Club Team 1 took the overall win!!!!!!

So well done to Andy C, Matt C and Christine H

With the Avon Triangle now raced it is time to look ahead to The Gilmer Trophy. 

Pictures and race videos footage to follow.

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